The Only Good Indian

Photo & Cover Photo by Graham Isador.

Photo & Cover Photo by Graham Isador.

About the Show

I know you'll stand in solidarity with me, but how close are you willing to stand?

Part lecture, part meditation, and part threat. The Only Good Indian takes a radical look at where our similarities begin and where they end. Each night a different performer straps themselves into a suicide vest – and struggles to rationalize to the audience such an “irrational” decision. 

Created by 2017 Siminovitch Prize nominee Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, 2015 Governor General’s Award nominee Tom Arthur Davis, and 2017 Ken McDougall Award winner Jivesh Parasram. Each incarnation of The Only Good Indian recruits a local artist to step into the radical headspace of a suicide bomber.

Creative Team

Co-created & Performed by Jivesh Parasram, Tom Arthur Davis, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Adele Norohna, & Justine Shore

Project Design by Jivesh Parasram, with Tom Arthur Davis
Stage Managed by Sabah Haque
Produced by Jivesh Parasram & Tom Arthur Davis


★★★★ Critic's Pick. "Radical and thought-provoking. Delves deep into the history, politics and logics of occupation, colonization and indigeneity."
-Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine

"A must-experience event."
-Tony Carter, Showbill Canada (Victoria, BC)

"Ambitious, risky theatre."
Andrea Warner, The Georgia Staright (Vancouver, BC)

"Poignant and demanding of attention. A call to arms against the complacency which Western consumer culture engenders in people of privilege." 
-Chad Jarvie-Laidlaw, Culture Vulture (Victoria, BC)

Trailer (from the 2018 West Coast Tour)

Production History

May, 2018 • A Pandemic Theatre production • As a part of rEvolver Festival • The Culture Lab, The Cultch • Vancouver, BC

May, 2018 • A Pandemic Theatre production • As a part of Uno Fest • Intrepid Theatre Club • Victoria, BC

August, 2017 • A Pandemic Theatre production • As a part of SummerWorks Performance Festival • Factory Theatre • Toronto, ON

February, 2017 • A Pandemic Theatre production • As a part of the Rhubarb Festival • Buddies in Bad Time Theatre • Toronto, ON


This project has been made possible through the generous support of: Cahoots Theatre Company and the Canada Council for the Arts.