Situational Anarchy

Photo by Jivesh Parasram. Cover photo by Laura Cone.

Photo by Jivesh Parasram. Cover photo by Laura Cone.

About the Show

Situational Anarchy is 100% true. Sort of.

For the past thirteen years Graham Isador has been in an on again/off again relationship with transgender rockstar Laura Jane Grace. The relationship is characterized by two main factors:

1. Laura Jane Grace is the lead singer, lyricist, and front woman for the punk rock band Against Me. 
2. Laura Jane Grace does not know that Graham exists.

Framed as an open letter to the singer, Isador chronicles his teenage years spent in the Southern Ontario punk scene, sharing stories of Internet message boards, strip mall record stores, and concerts in basements and backrooms. 

Situational Anarchy is a one-man storytelling show about the growing pains of adolescence and the inevitable heartbreak of teenage conviction.

Creative Team

Written & Performed by Graham Isador
Direction & Dramaturgy by Tom Arthur Davis & Jivesh Parasram

Lighting & Projection Design by Laura Warren
Sound Design by Ron Kelly
Stage Managed by Heather Bellingham
Produced by Graham Isador, Tom Arthur Davis, Jivesh Parasram


★★★★ Critics' Pick. "Rich, well-crafted and emotionally-potent."
-Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine

★★★ (out of 4) "[Isador] talks beautifully, about his difficult youth, a tale told with such detail and precision that it conjures up clear mental pictures, while at the same time inviting connections with spectators’ own childhood struggles."
-Karen Fricker, The Toronto Star

★★★★ "Filled with the self-deprecating humour that gets laughter from recognition, Isador paints the arc of finding oneself through belonging and then the pain of losing that sense of belonging."
-Drew Rowsome, My Gay Toronto

Grade: A "Filled with rage and vulnerability, Situational Anarchy is a stirring ode to that time when we cared about something so much it’s a wonder we survived the enormity of our care."
-Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World

Awards & Accolades

Honourable Mention SUMMERWORKS PRIZE FOR PRODUCTION • SummerWorks 2016


Production History

May, 2017 • A Pressgang & Pandemic Theatre co-production • Stop, Drop & Roll • Toronto, ON

August, 2016 • A Pressgang & Pandemic Theatre co-production • As a part of SummerWorks Performance Festival • The Drake Underground • Toronto, ON


This project has been made possible through the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council (through the OAC Theatre Creators' Reserve Program as recommended by Cahoots Theatre Company).