"Shove It Down My Throat" to play Queer Pride

We're very excited to announce that our latest project, Johnnie Walker's Shove It Down My Throat, will be a part of this year's Queer Pride at Buddies in Bad Times!

This will be a special sneak-peak presentation on June 20th, as we get the project ready for full-production in 2018.

This presentation wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our amazing supporters. Thanks to your help with our FWYC campaign we managed to raise over $4,500 for the project's development.

We will be donating $500 of these funds to the Prisoner Correspondence Project, a solidarity project for Queer prisoners in Canada and the United States, linking them with Queer communities outside of prison.

Support Our Next Project

Pandemic is currently seeking funding through a FWYC campaign for our latest project, Shove It Down My Throat by Johnnie Walker. 

Shove is a new gonzo true crime docu-play about homophobia, violence, incarceration, sex, and mystery. It's inspired by the true story of Luke O’Donovan, a queer man from Atlanta, Georgia currently serving a ten-year sentence for five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of attempted murder. The play examines the attack, Luke's trial, and the key figures in the story with a mixture of investigative rigour and campy irreverance.

Pandemic Theatre has entered into an Artist Residency with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (the world’s longest-running queer theatre) to further develop Shove. We're currently looking for donations to fund our development of the play through this residency. 

If you want to help fund this important play about homophobic violence, check out our FWYC Campaign. (We have some pretty awesome perks!)



We're excited to announce that Pandemic will take part in Buddies in Bad Time's 38th Rhubarb Festival! We will be premiering a new piece from our Artistic Producer, Jivesh Parasram. 

Stay tuned for more details on the project!

The Rhubarb Festival is crucial to the Toronto theatre scene, not just because it's Canada’s longest-running new works festival, but because it is a hotbed of experimental performance art. We always leave Rhubarb having seen a bunch of new aesthetic practices and diverse perspectives.

We even once saw a piece where a guy ate cabbage 'til he puked!
(...Okay, maybe that isn't selling it very well, but it was super funny!)

What we're trying to say is: we're honoured to be included this year.

You can click here to check out all the artists in this years line-up.